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SIPRI's 40th anniversary

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As a way of showing SIPRI's commitment to the education and support of young security researchers worldwide during the 40th Anniversary year, the Institute has awarded four special bursaries to individuals who come from difficult backgrounds and/or are studying particularly difficult issues related to peace and security.  Each award allows a young graduate to spend up to three months at SIPRI, pursuing an individual course of study and writing and benefiting from the guidance and stimulation provided by SIPRI colleagues. SIPRI is particularly glad to note that two of the awards have been co-sponsored by the Council of Women World Leaders and the OSCE Academy at Bishkek, respectively. The personal assessments printed below are provided by each intern as he/she comes to the end of his/her time at SIPRI.  (This one-off bursary scheme is in addition to SIPRI's normal programme for hosting self-supporting or otherwise fully funded interns; for information on the latter please contact Deputy Director Daniel Nord)

Personal assessments:

Ruslan Maksutov
Maria Demeke
Joseph S. Mboka